The Case of the Awesome Boom Shankar dress!

After buying the non existent Ruby Yaya dress I mentioned in my last blog post, I ended up buying this awesome Boom Shankar Senorita dress of eBay instead. It was pricier, even though it was on eBay, but it still had its tags attached and I got it nearly $50 off full price.

JDS - Boom Shankar Dress


It’s so lightweight, washes fairly well if you dunk it in a dish of water and dry it flat, and is really colourful. Normally I don’t wear dresses because I’ve gained weight over the years and don’t like my thighs rubbing together. In more recent years, the fact I have spider veins wrapping themselves around my thighs above my knees is a turn off. But I saw this in a few places and loved it.

At a size 16 I was worried it wouldn’t be big enough but believe me, as a 16-20 size gal, depending on which store I shop in, it has more than enough room as you can see by its cut and shape as a shift dress. And if you’ve seen my outfit posts then you’ll know I’m heavy and wide in the hips and stomach so it covers those well. The design also comes in other style dresses, pants and shorts. Plus, I already had my Django & Juliette sandals that match perfectly!

I’m 5.8″ tall and you can see where it comes to on me. I have no idea if I’ll wear this out but it’s too good to wear around the house. But then again…

And no, this dress was not “gifted” like you see on other blogger’s websites. I buy my things myself with my very hard earned money so my opinions are my own and not bought and paid for. Just for the record!


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