Wrapping Up My Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories Buys for 2023

These pieces have come throughout the year, and as Christmas time is upon up us, who knows what will find its way home.


TOP LEFT: A Millers red and blue kaftan which I bought from eBay for $29.99.

TOP MIDDLE: Rockmans kaftan top from the op shop for $4. 

TOP RIGHT: Millers kaftan top for $15.

BOTTOM LEFT: I love pink and figured I’d buy the Queen of the Castle top. Then I found… The King of the Castle top in blues and decided I must have both. Both from Best & Less for $10 each. 

BOTTOM RIGHT: Kmart tiger top for $15.


LEFT: Kimono from the op shop for $7.  MIDDLE: Best & Less pants for $10.  RIGHT: Snoopy tracksuit for $42.  


Time for the new jewels this year.


TOP LEFT: eBay earrings for $28.58.

TOP RIGHT: eBay earrings for $52.50. Smaller than expected which shits me.

MIDDLE BOTH: op shop bracelets for $1 each.

BOTTOM LEFT: eBay bracelet stack for $37.40. BOTTOM RIGHT: eBay bracelet stack for $37.40


LEFT: 2022 Betsey Johnson necklace from eBay. I was hoping to get the rest of the jewels to go with this, but prices, and availability, have made it hard. 

MIDDLE: eBay necklace for $52.50. RIGHT: op shop necklace. I joined two together, for $4.


And a collection of new rings, all from eBay and ranging from $34.50 to $52.50.


The only accessories I’ve bought since the start of the year.

TOP: brand name sunglasses in case for $20.95.

BOTTOM: Maude Studio Exoticat sunglasses in green tortoiseshell. $86 with shipping.




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