2024 Jewellery Haul Part 2

I’ve been buying on Depop.com for a couple of years now, and can always get a bargain.

This bulk lot contained a lot of pieces, many I’ve kept but have probably gone through it this month as I’m looking to throw out a lot of stuff I no longer need or use as I don’t make jewellry much anymore, but I tend to keep a lot “in case”. I have all of the jewellery I never sold in one and a half massive storage containers, and the findings I bought to make them in a smaller one, and then there’s every piece of jewellery I bought or broke to make and recreate in another. I need a clean out.


This is a full pic of the Depop pieces I kept “in case”.

These are the pieces I’m definitely keeping as they go with what I already have.


These are the pieces I’ll probably be giving to the op shop.



I also bought a new four drawer roller cabinet to store my accessories. Everything that was in the smaller cabinet and then some. My Betsy Johnson gem print purses went into it, all of my scarves went into a ziploc bag and then into a draw. I packed away belts, and two drawers hold my cosmetic cases and bags. The smaller jewellery chest sits across the top, plus the two wood boxes containing my silver designer jewellery. I also tidied up the top of the blue cabinets.

I moved the smaller black cabinet to beside my bed and put the two pink craft containers containing my brooches and keyrings in the bottom two drawers. My homebrand Caboodle went into the third drawer, and my red Caboodle went into the second. Spare jewellery trays went into the top drawer. The blue Caboodle is being used for black, white, and some yellow jewellery. I finally get to use one, yay, but it’s not the jewellery Cab because everything wouldn’t fit in it. The white mother of all Cabs is still on the floor, because I have nowhere to put it. 


So that’s it for my early 2024 jewellery hauls. A tonne of jewellery for 10% off the original retail price. Bargain!


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