2024 Jewellery Haul Part 1

Earlier this year I bought an absolute tonne of jewellery from a seller on eBay. She was selling her designer jewellery collection for as little as $5AU. I bought pieces that sold for $600AU plus retail, for as little as $67.

Knowing I was going to be buying these pieces, I also knew I needed to reorganise my jewellery corner of the bedroom. This pic is before.

The same designer brand jewellery chests are on my desk, plus on the small black roller cabinet, my jewellery is in the two big ones. Beside the bed is a tower of Caboodles I used as a bedside table. My jewellery dolls were previously on top of my bookshelf, but, because I reorgansied all of my Caboodles and Sassabys over summer, they went up and the dolls came down. So many Cabs went topside.


As we move on, I’m going to show you the bulk lot from eBay. Next fortnight, is the bulk lot from a website called Depop, the reason I mention this now is I’ve included two of the same name designer pieces that came in that bulk lot, which is why I bought it.

But now, I present the 58 pieces from the first lot I bought from her for $956.48, plus the 6 extra pieces (two didn’t ship so I got a refund) for another $125.18, That’s $1,081.66 for 64 pieces of designer jewellery, plus the two extra pieces I got in the bulk lot for $30. 

There are also 5 more pieces that I bought over the christmas/new year period, same designer, that were coming in at the time. Have a gander at this!

I laid it all out on my bed and unwrapped them all. Unknown to me, she had wrapped many pieces in two of the same designer label wood boxes, so they were a definite bonus as I had been looking to buy two on eBay. No need now.


Next fotnight will be the Depop bulk lot and what I’m keeping out of it, and what my jewellery corner now looks like.



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