2024 Half-Yearly Catch-Up and a Massive Jewellery Clear Out!


Let’s see what I’ve caught up with and what I’ve done.


Social Mafia

– 1 – Do the usual beginning of the year posts, and then once a fortnight, and here we are.

– 2 – Update JDS with the theme’s updates.

– 3 – Continue to post to socials two to three times a week, depending.



– 1 – Continue with the chiro.

– 2 – Get to the dentist to check receding gumline and teeth since I’m turning 50.

– 3 – Use other measures to help my weight issues.

– 4 – Look at other measures to help my nail issues as they’re even worse than they were before.

– 5 – Be off the internet by 10:30, or earlier. Take Friday nights off over winter to veg out in front of the TV and heater. Keep up the Iron and Vit D through winter to stave off lethargy.

– 6 – Get my will done!



– 1 – Try and find the pieces I need for my collection.

– 2 – Continue with repairs as they come to hand.

– 3 – Steam my capes…if not done already.

– 4 – Get batteries for all of my watches and wear two or three at a time.

– 5 – Restring all of the for sale bracelet stacks. I’ve done most of my personal collection, and as of this post, there is only about 50 to go as I ran out of elastic.

– 6 – Finish off my Swatch collection.



– 1 – Finish off my smaller book collections. Trixie Belden, Dana Girls, Susan Sand, Connie Blair, Kay Tracey, Linda Craig, Hardy Boys, MSW.

– 2 – Finish off my Caboodle and Sassaby collections.

– 3 – Redo my Nancy paperwork to simplify and make it easier. In fact, redo most of my paperwork to make it easier and simpler.


As you can see, a few things are in green already. Some are in orange which means they are in the process of and have been started, and black is not done yet.


Onto the other things I’ve done outside of my yearly to-do list.

In the last week of May, after finishing the latest novel, I went into a cleaning frenzy.

I pulled out my publishing business folders, my internet planner folder, my styling folders. I threw out so much it’s probably the equivalent of three 500-page packs of printer paper. I culled and kept on culling and reorganized the folders that were left.

I then moved onto my Nancy Drew and other book collection paperwork.

That, I only got half way through as I know there’s much more coming in the rest of the year so I’ll leave the actual adding up until December.

Then I moved onto my stationery containers and removed all of the planner stuff I didn’t want anymore. I put it up for sale on a Facebook planner group I’m a member of, and tried selling it on eBay.

Then it was onto my jewellery containers, of which there are many.

I went through my personal jewellery collection and gave up some bangles that can’t fit over my hand anymore. They went into a bag for the op shop, along with several bags of findings. I culled the creation boxes, getting rid of findings I didn’t want anymore. I either threw them in the bin, or in the bag for the op shop.

I reorganized the bead containers, and the findings for making jewellery to sell, as I have a box of personal findings, charms, and leftover pieces, and then a container for making to sell.

Once my jewellery was fixed, and I made a few new pieces from what I already had, I moved onto the “for sale” jewellery. I knew the bracelets would need repairing because I’d use the old jelly/magic stretch elastic which dries out and breaks. So, I’ve switched to floss.

As I’d already set aside a week for this, I managed 156 bracelets on Saturday, and another 47 on Sunday before running out of elastic. Who knew 130 meters of elastic wouldn’t be enough? I needed to wait to order more as it’s costly, so I won’t be finishing off the rest until later this month.

I posted those pics to social.

I also organized my writing container. It’s where I keep three magazine holders full of notebooks and my writing ideas so I can easily grab them to work on. It’s to my left and sitting on top of my Nancy Drew folder box.

Back to my jewellery. I’d bought a bulk lot of yellow jewellery from eBay a year or so ago, and wanted to make something out of it. Below are the pieces I kept and made, along with the coin set I reconfigured.


This bubble necklace had the centre bubble missing, but another necklace had been broken and the leftover was the crystal surrounded pendant that’s now hanging in the middle.


I already had this neon cameo necklace, but added the gold diamonte and yellow disc section to the bottom as the neon yellow matched and it gave the cameo some extra length.


I already owned the rose gold coin earrings, and had a silver coin bracelet stack consisting of the three silver bracelets below (which I added extra coins to) and one half of the necklace. The necklace is made out of two chain coin bracelets, which I joined up and added more chain, a centre coin, and some small gold coins to. I dug out the two gold pointy bracelets and added more coins to them to make a stack. Now I just need a couple of coin rings.


What have you guys acheived so far this year?



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