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Jewel Divas Style is the second tier to the Jewel Divas brand, and a place to showcase Tiara’s personal collection, showing the world she knows what she’s doing when it comes to designing and creating jewellery. It’s also a place for Tiara to show her own creative style when it comes to jewellery, accessories and her individual way of dressing.

Jewel Divas Style is a one stop blog for style, sparkle, bling, adisco ball partynd dancing under disco balls.

Life is too short to worry about what other people are thinking of you and the truth is, they’re not thinking of you at all. JDS is a place to recognise your individuality and lets you know it’s perfectly okay to be yourself and NOT follow the crowd. Besides, who wants to look like everyone else? BE YOURSELF and wear as much jewellery as possible is the JDS philosophy!

Tiara is one of Australia’s small business women who has been creating jewellery since 1990 and turned her obsessive love for it into her jewellery label, Jewel Divas. Creating amazing one of a kind jewelled pieces of couture clothing plus jewellery to sell and wear, and amassing a huge personal collection, Tiara added styling to her knowledge and repertoire through the Academy of Professional Image courses Certified Consulting in Style for Women, Certified Consulting in Style for Men, and the Certified Consulting in Colour theory, all recognised by the AICI – Association of Image Consultants International. This jewellery designer and published author runs an online brand, presence, and network across social media, all while caring for her mother full-time, which is an exhausting job in itself.

At this point in time, Tiara’s not making or selling jewellery. With arthritis in her hands, she’s concentrating on her writing and publishing company Royal Star Publishing, where she not only writes under her name, but under the two pseudonyms of L.J. Diva, and T.K. Wrathbone

She lives in Australia and has sparkling fans and followers from all over the world on many social networking websites.

For even more information visit – www.tiaraking.com.au





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