My Personal Collection: Red clothes

Today is my red clothes day. Sure I have more, but these are the best.

Great wool coat I bought from the op shop. The price was $10 can you believe it and I got it on their half price day. $5 for a wool coat. This coat was a department store coat which sold for well over $150. I’d been looking at it for over a week as it was on a mannequin in the window. I’m surprised no one else bought it. Well, it was obviously meant for me! It’s nice and long but the sleeves could be longer. $5 for God’s sake!

Got this great top and cardigan set from the op shop. All for a couple of dollars. There were glitter stripes on both pieces but the glitter kept falling off so I covered the stripes in glitter fabric paint.

Great short sleeve blazer which I changed the buttons on. Got it from the op shop for $6. The tag, which I’ve removed, had it from a big chain store so I got a bargain!

This is the top I made the silver floral jewellery set for. It was a dress but being sticky material I cut the bottom off and turned it into the scarf. This was a chain store dress as well and would’ve been over $30. I got it for a couple of bucks.

I used to line dance and had this, along with many others, made for $35.

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