My Personal Collection: Jewellery. Look what I did over Easter!

So over Easter a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take a break from everything else and have a 6 day holiday. I ended up making a tonne of jewellery as I had gone through my kits (shown in a previous post) and decided I was sick of all those beads sitting there doing nothing. So I pulled out the ones I wanted to use and made an absolute pile of jewellery. It all started with bracelets stacks!

I did things in almost every colour. Red, Green, Purple, Brown, Orange and Yellow.

Black, with beads I had bought that morning which you’ll see when I post my black jewellery, White and the two necklaces on the left I made ages ago from ALL of the charms I had left over. They are my cotoure pieces.

Pink and Blues followed.

You’ve seen the red pieces in my post last week, two necklaces and a necklace and bracelet set. You’ll see the Brown, Orange and Purple jewellery next time.

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