HOME & DÉCOR STYLE: My fancy new Flamingo party lights

I saw these fantastic lights just before xmas in a surf shop at my local centre and thought I want those!

Because of the holidays and all this stinking heat we didn’t get to go out until the new year, so expecting them to be on sale, I found the shop had none, so of course I walked out. And then realised they could be in the window display even though the windows were covered. I went back in and asked and they had one left at the full price of $30!!!

Yay me!

We went to another local centre a week later and I found them in another surf shop for $20

Not happy Jan!

Either way, I love these and they hang above my bed with my Paris wall decals and my feng shui travel corner (more on that another time), even though it’s technically in the wrong place. The pics include flash off to capture the light, and flash on to see what they look like! The colour comes off quite yellow and not soft or pink. I did get extra bulbs and added a flamingo necklace to the mix to spice it up.


I also looked for more inside party lights but do you think I could find any?


Most stores only have solar outdoor lights, no indoor lights!


I’m after pineapple or palm tress to go with the flamingos. Guess I’d better try Bunnings! (big garden centre)

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