It’s Eight Years Since Jackie Collins Left Us

It’s eight years since my author mentor and inspiration, Jackie Collins left us. I’ve even set up a Jackie Collins page on my website. It’s under the L.J. Diva pen name menu. Click here.

Even though I’m considering moving these posts to my website at, I may still post here every year if I buy any goodies. And bought, I have!


The Jackie Collins pen and pencil set with gold panthers.

Filled with black ink and lead, they still work and come in a velvet box with her signature on the satin back.


The Jackie Collins watch bangle cuff.

Still ticking along, it keeps time and actually fits my wrist.


The Jackie Collins Wild and Chances perfumes.

They come in foiled boxes and have leopard print all over the bottles, because they’re in the shape of leopards with green crystals for eyes. Time, of course, has taken the scents in the wrong directions, but if you like old, yet strong 90s perfumes, these are a must . I just have the one for men left to track down.


The Jackie Collins two wine glass set with vase/candle holder.

I managed to track down this glass and vase set after seeing it only once on eBay. Perfect condition, I asked the seller to bubble wrap everything to death and put “fragile do not break” all over the box as I was scared it would arrive all smashed like my audios books. They arrived bubble wrapped and were unwrapped long enough for photos and then wrapped back up. They’ll be stored safely.


Rock Star special hardcover boxed edition.

Jackie’s picture is on the slip case, the hearts are on the book cover. Animal print reigns the interior pages, and I bought number 60 of 250, signed by Jackie.


Advanced reading copy of Dangerous Kiss.

I bought this only for its holographic cover. It has a pink set of lips and kiss this! in white, is number 647 of 800, and is signed by Jackie.


Left: I finally managed to buy this holographic jewellery covered version of Rock Star. I have a few versions now, including a flat black version of this, but I was always after this one.

Right: A notebook from Redbubble that used the US hardback cover of Rock Star to make it look like the actual book. Very clever.


I also chose to buy some audio books, and after choosing the covers I liked best, started buying them.

US cassettes of Hollywood Kids and American Star.

Sadly, the back of Kids was slashed during shipping by some fuckwit who must have opened to envelope and resealed it. It was also crushed and not in the condition it was bought in. No thanks to Aramex.


US cd of Dangerous Kiss, Married Lovers and Lovers & Players.

Perfect condition when bought, fucked condition when arrived. Again, no thanks to Aramex who fobbed me off. I can’t afford to rebuy, and they don’t care about paying for it.


US cds of Drop Dead Beautiful and Goddess of Vengeance.


And, because I love these covers, I also bought the UK audio books of Drop Dead Beautiful and Married Lovers.

The cases were busted when I bought them, so I bought some on eBay and replaced them. Brand new!



Here’s my video celebrating the 8th anniversary of Jackie’s passing, and the 40th anniversary of Hollywood Wives.





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