Wrapping Up Everything Else For 2023

As I wrap up 2023 and make some decisions about blogging for next year, I figured I’d better show off the things I haven’t talked about, but really need to be posted.

Home decor, new perfume, the only sassoodle bought for the year, and more books. Let’s get into the leftovers of 2023.


Two of the perfumes I’ve bought this year are Jimmy Choo Fever, and Paris Hilton’s Gold Rush.


And then along came Anna Sui’s Fantasia. You CANNOT go past unicorn perfume. Made from real unicorns and cupcakes… lol.


I actually bought these big prints years ago but never got around to posting about them. I love them and their tropical colours and style and wish I could put them on a wall. But alas, poor Yorrick, I cannot.


I recently found this pink perfume picture frame. If you follow my Tiara King Insta you’d have seen me post a pic of my gold perfume bottle money box that broke early in the year, so this is a replacement for it.

Plus, a pussy trinket tray.


The only Sassoodle for the year, the Caboodle Shower Caddy. It’s far bigger than I realised but I’ve been after this for decades and finally have one. It cost nearly $200AU.


I found these Elizabeth Arden Shoshanna purses on eBay early in the year and thought, “mmm, you look familiar”….


That’s because they are familiar. They match perfectly with my Lily Pulitzer folio so I bought two types. There is a third type of purse, so I’ll try and track that down at some point.


I’ve bought a gorgeous book of mysteries and magic. I found this in my library and then tracked it down online to buy. I’m considering buying more in the serious because I can’t go past pretty things. I also added Fire Up Your Writing Brain to the list of writing books I’ve acquired this year. It’s incredibly interesting in that it comes from the brain side of creativity.


And then along came Megan Hess’s latest stunning creation, her book on Grace Kelly.

It goes with my Audrey Hepburn and Christian Dior ones from earlier this year.


So that’s it for 2023. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, blogging will change for me next year. I may not blog as much, maybe monthly, as some type of catch-up. I don’t know. We’ll see come next year year.



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