Free Radio Publicity for Jewel Divas!!!!

Last week here in my home state something exciting happened. In fact, it was something I knew was coming and so had been waiting for. We have talkback radio like most of you would, and about 1:15pm, the announcer was talking to some guy who was conducting free business seminars for people who had started home/small business.

After he’d gone, the announcer told us, that if we had a home business to spruik, then call her up and tell everyone about it.

Well I did!!!!! I was on the phone in seconds and waiting my turn to go on air. I was so nervous, and kept coughing and shaking. But I managed to pull it off.

She asked me what sort of business I had and if I made the jewellery myself, what I had for sale etc. And told me to grab free publicity wherever I could. We joked a bit and had a good talk and laugh, and afterwards I got excited about the customers it would bring me.

However, the only customer it brought me was a woman who wanted to know my address so she could come and pick up the jewellery so she didn’t have to pay for shipping since we were in the same suburb.

Well, I had to stick to some rules and emailed her back. So far, I’ve had no reply and no order.

And that’s no orders AT ALL!!!!!

Oh well, getting the products and name out to the public is time consuming and can be very emotionally draining when nothing comes of it.

But hopefully, there’s more to come!!!



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