PRESS & PUBLICITY: I featured on Diamonds and Whirls!

Guess what, I’ve just featured on Carla Caruso’s blog – Diamonds and Whirls.

I joined her blog, and she emailed me asking if she could interview me for her blog. I said sure, why not, and she emailed me some standard questions.

There’s two pics of necklaces from my current collection ”African Safari”, plus a pic of me with my own ”African Safari” set on. It also reveals my real name, lol.

I can only hope that word gets around.

The interview is below, but you can also catch it on her blog – Diamonds and Whirls

Tiara King is an aspiring Adelaide designer behind new site Jewel Divas. Already her designs have appeared in Beads Etc magazine. 

Starsign: Taurus/Gemini. Smack bang on the day of the cusp!

First ever piece of jewellery: Probably one of those little, plastic rings or necklaces from those machines outside the supermarket! I’ve looked at pics of me from about the age of six and I’m covered in plastic jewellery – very trendy.

Jewellery piece she will never part with: I have way too many I’ll never part with! I do an audit of clothes, jewellery and accessories every year and, at the moment, I’m at about 820 pieces of real gold, silver and fashion pieces. My personal collection grows monthly!

Where she sources jewellery materials from: eBay and wholesale bead stores from around Australia for the current collections. I like to buy locally, keeping it as Australian-made as possible.

Her take on being a ‘Jewel Diva’: I love my jewellery, so I’m a jewel diva. Pile it on, I say. The more, the better! It’s also about doing what you want and wearing what you like – not following the trends so much.

The hottest accessory trends right now: I stack my bangles and bracelets. Plus, big, sparkly earrings, lots of necklaces with unusual pendants, and huge rings. Bigger is better!

Celebs with the best taste in jewellery: I actually usually prefer the outfit and jewellery over the star!



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