LEGAL ISSUES: The Trademarking rubbish is over.


Well the whole trade mark controversy has come to an end. Not because they dragged me into court and wasted my time, no, it was never up to them to live my life.

I stopped the whole process because I had outgrown my logo.

For those that remember, my name was either side of a three doll pic. I had matured, my logo hadn’t.

If you’ve been here in the last week or so, you’d have seen the massive change.

Thanks to Blogger in draft, I got a new template, new background and have uploaded lots of pics.

I’ve added more today and I think it looks fantastic.

What about you?

The trademarking process has finished, but that’s not to say they won. They didn’t, I just might trade mark my name at a later date, when I’ve had a holiday from all that rubbish.



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