Catch up and Shipping Price Change


It seems so long since I’ve posted, as I’ve been quite busy getting swine flu shots and organising my tax return, etc.

I’ve been receiving lots of letters from trademark attorneys hoping for my business in the fight against the opposition of my trademark. That’s tiring in itself.

I’m still trying to get my work into magazines and on websites and what not, but that kinda hits a dead end every now and then.

I’m considering setting up a stall in my local shopping centre for Christmas and taking all the jewellery down there to see if I can sell it to make some money for the next collection. Although I’m not even sure there will be a next collection yet as I still have to sell this one. Oh well, I might make it anyway, and then people will have other goodies to buy.

When they buy.

I’ve also changed the shipping rates, they’re in my sidebar. I’ve made overseas shipping a bit cheaper, as I realise it may be putting people off from buying. However, I have to keep my prices reasonable as the jewellery is shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and gift bags and boxes, and then wrapped in a box for shipping. So it’s all included in the price. And overseas shipping in boxes is not cheap. The price varies from country to country, so I had to come up with prices that covered the rest of the world without ripping myself off.

So I’ll see how I go and let you know in future.



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