Fashion can range from high end to low end, from Armani, Prada or Dolce and Gabbana, to Target, Kmart or Big W.

It changes length, season, style, trend, colour, design, and print. It’s boring, it’s plain, amazing and wonderful or something that leaves you thinking “what the hell?”

Fashion is all things to all people. Some people only buy designers, some only buy chain store, many people design or make their own for a truly unique style. Whether you’re a dirty pant and ripped tshirt bum on the street to a high end expensive business suited person, fashion is in all places on all people, at all price points, in all places. Fashion is what you make it. Fashion is what you want it to be. Fashion is how you wear it and put it together.

Fashion has changed so much over the decades and centuries. Furs skinned from animals when we were cavemen, to the fishnets and rubber of Lady Gaga. From the high neck and ankle length skirts to protect women’s modesty in the olden days, complete cover-ups as bathers to the tiniest bikini, ankle length dresses to barely crotch length pieces of material, disco pants, tight jeans, slouchy socks and jumpers, wedges, stilettoes, hats and boots, trench, fur, sheepskin and wool coats. Denim, satin, baggy and parachute pants.

Fashion comes in all shapes and sizes, full sleeve, no sleeve, high neck, v neck, tailored, slimming, fattening, wrinkly, tie died, plain, decorated, embroidered.

Fashion is on the shelf and rack of every clothing store, market stall, in every box and cube in op shops, department, chain and discount stores. Fashion is everywhere in bountiful mountains.

I have my favourites. Faux fur vests and coats. Aztec design poncho and cardi. Mickey Mouse suede jacket for $10 from the op shop. A handmade rock n roll jacket, my animal print trench coat. My clothes are of an average fair. I don’t own designer jeans or dresses or big brand shoes. I am not the rich slim nymph who can wear what she likes or afford that I want. Which probably wouldn’t fit or look good either.

But fashion is available for everyone to make of it what you will, so regardless of whether you throw and outfit together from big designer to op shop, as long as you’re comfortable in it who cares what anyone thinks, so go right ahead and make it your own.

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