BOOK STYLE: My ever growing book cupboard

I’ve always had books, ever since I was a little kid when my siblings bought me some. The collection was small then and even when I started collecting Nancy Drews when I was ten, some thirty years ago, my book collection was still small. Nancy started expanding in 2005 once I’d gotten my own pc and hooked up to the internet and I found a whole load of Nancy books I’d never even heard of. That collection grew, but slowly stopped as I started buying jewellery online instead. (I really must get back to it one day but there are too many business things to deal with instead).

There was also the fact I thought about getting into style and so started getting as many books out of my library as possible. That resulted in me buying tonnes, and then I did a style course last year and thankfully, the growth of the collection has slowed down, even though there’s still a list of jewellery books that I’m after.

When I rearranged my bedroom I moved what used to be my desk up against the wall and filled it with my cds and other music stuff, then started stuffing it with my Barbie and style books as I amassed a rather big collection, and these aren’t all of them. If you look in the top right picture, way down at the bottom right, you will see magazine holders stuffed with even more. Not to mention all the notebooks I’ve bought just for the sake they have a cover depicting style or gems!


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