WINNING LOTTO!!!!! What would you do?


It’s the one thing most of us dream about. It’s the one thing we’d all love to achieve.  It’s the premise for one of my books.

But is money really the evil that people claim it is?


Money is not the root of all evil. Having money is not the root of all evil. Having no plan is the root of all evil.

I spoke about this on one of my vlogs recently. Millionaire lotto winners and what they do with their money. Some are sensible. They get an account or financial advisor. Leave it in the bank till they figure out what to do with it. Write down a list of things they want or need.

Others madly spend, give to all the leeches who come out of the woodwork, charities who stick their hands out, relatives and so called friends they’ve never met, and those they’ve met only briefly. And then when their world goes to shit, what do they blame….The money!

That’s right, not themselves, the money.

The one thing that makes no choices. The one thing that makes no decisions about what it will be spent on or squandered on. The one thing that is not to blame in the whole scenario.

The only thing and person/people to blame for squandering millions is the person doing the squandering.

The main thing you need is a plan. And do people have one? No!

It’s all well and good to dream of winning lotto and what you’ll do with it. But it’s another to actually win lotto and put that plan into motion.

The important thing is to put yourself first and everyone else a distance second. If you have underage children, support them and pay for school etc which is your job anyway. If you have adult children, tell them to get their own money.

If there’s place you want to go and things you want to do, go there, do them.
It all comes down to the issue of having a set plan BEFORE you win lotto.

1 – Pay off the mortgage or buy a new house.


2 – Go on a holiday to places I want to go.


3 – Pay for my children’s school, or grandchildren’s education/trust fund.


4 – Set myself up in the place I want to live, set up a business, try new things.


5 – Don’t let all the leeches I do and don’t know suck all of my money out of me.


So there it is.

A plan that you need when you win lotto.

The money is not evil. It’s just plastic coated paper and has no feelings, value, thoughts or words.

It’s you!

It’s you who screws up your own life by squandering those millions and blaming everyone but yourself.


So get your shit together and set a plan now.

You never know.

One day it just might be you.

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