What’s In My Bag: Part 2

Today we have the second part of What’s In My Bag, where I show you what I already had, what I bought and what I finally ended up using.

Below: All the things I already had. I had been buying a few things, like the purses, and scoured my house for other stuff.


Here is everything I madly bought for the new insert, everything I thought I’d need.


Below is my makeup/first aid kit before and what I bought for it after.


LEFT: The makeup purse holds my lipgloss/sticks for quick and easy access and the lifesaver purse holds everything else

RIGHT: I bought a new purse and changed from my five year old red one to a gorgeous new pink star one.


I changed my business card purse from the one on the left, to the one on the right, and updated my car key case from my old Fiorelli to a hot pink one.


This is everything I finally narrowed it down to. It’s based upon what did and didn’t fit into the bag insert.


Packed full!

On the inside I have my business kit, notebook purse and diamond purse for jewellery when I go to the chiro. In front I have my style file, purse and lifesaver purse. The pink star purse is in the middle pocket under my sunglasses case.


Below is what I keep in the front/back/side pockets.


It all came down to what I could and couldn’t fit into the purses and then into the bag. It needed an overhaul. The old one I had kept rolling over in my huge bag, and I love this new one better. It’s flat bottom means it can stand in the bag and not roll. The only issue is, it doesn’t fit into all of my bags, so I will keep my old one and use it for my smaller bags and then just add what I need when I need it.

So, that’s What’s In My Bag, what’s in yours?


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