2024 New Year Holiday Bargains!

I bought a few things over the holiday period. No clothing, but jewels, books, a few accessories and a few other things. The books and book collectibles are coming in April for Nancy month, and some jewellery and books in September for Jackie’s anniversary. So here we go with the new goodies I added to my collection.


Last year I bought the pink Elizabeth Arden purse that looks like this, and you can see that here, then I found a turquoise version, and you know I love me some blue. So I finally gave in, after having this purse in my eBay watch list for 4-5 months, and bit the bullet and bought it. It came with a unicorn purse, so why not. I now have a matching pair.


I also found this notebook holder/purse on Amazon. Also in my two favourite colours of pink and blue, I bought it to carry my “author brand kit” around in my bag. Unfortunately, it’s not quite what I was after. I can fit my notebook and some pens, but it’s not really malleable so you can’t fill it with too much. Oh well, back to the drawing board trying to find an appropriate folio for carrying in my bag.


Designer name earring and ring set $25.60, and bracelet stack $69.65, all from eBay.


Same designer name laptop case in velvet lined box. $54.50 from eBay.


Same designer name sunglasses, $78.55, and clutch $58.25, both from eBay.



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