Ugh! Celebrity Apprentice started in Australia last night. Talk about scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel!

So Celebrity Apprentice was back last night….

And the celebs this year are even worse than last year.

This year, they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel with old fart athletes Dawn Fraser and Jeff Fenech, old rocker Brian Mannix and old PR head Prue Macsween.

Going up against the youngsters of wanna-be pop princess Prinnie Stevens who bombed out of last year’s The Voice, Big Brother runner up Laylah who’s done nothing since, Swimmer Stephanie Rice, dancer Kym Johnson and ex Idol contestant Rob Mills.

Then there’s ex footballer and tv show host Dermott Brereton, ex tv show host Peter Everitt, tv show host Peter Burner, olympic athlete John Steffensen and PR maven Roxy Jacenko (who’s husband is in trouble with the cops)

Most people, especially youngsters would have no idea who they are or what they do.

Hell, even though I know who they are I couldn’t give a shit and yes, they are the bottom of the barrel celebs. I think that so many of our stars have gone overseas to live and work that there are next to none left to use as either contestants or judges on our shows. No wonder we keep importing foreigners for our talent shows, (now we’ve got Geri bloody Halliwell for Australia’s Got Talent), there’s no Aussies left.

I don’t think Gen Ys will be big watchers of this show even though Laylah and Prinnie are on, (Prinnie got booted off last night), and Millsy’s not much to look at. Dawn’s an idiot for her age and Jeff still hasn’t learnt to speak properly (where’s that police record of his?). There’s the obligatory channel 9 representatives in Laylah, Prinnie, Stephanie (who also got a job on the Today show), and Dermott.

Overall these shows are nothing but shit and I won’t be watching, unfortunately, being network shows, they show all the details the next day on all the morning shows anyway so we all end up seeing it.

When are we going to get this shit off tv?

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