Bachelor in Paradise Australia shows one thing. That Gen Ys need to grow up before going on reality tv

Bachelor in Paradise started before easter here in Aus, and, like all bachelor/love island/anything Gen Y related continues to show me, it’s that Gen Ys need to grow the fuck up and get off reality tv programs.

I’m not talking all Gen Ys, of course, just that section of incredibly insecure, immature twat shits who need to grow the fuck up instead of trying to find love on reality tv.

Like JoJo on the US version. We had that, and I remember her sitting in front of the camera, like so many did, and crying about how she didn’t want to be an old maid and no one was going to love her, and blahdy blah blah.

Fucken seriously? Try being forty-fucken-four and whining coz you ain’t got nothing to whine about at twenty-fucken-five.

Our version has them coming and going. Flo and Tara have done nothing but carry on about Jake and how he was dating a chick on the outside and he’s a player the whole time this shit’s been going. And the way Tara carried on when Jarrod came on was utterly ridiculous. Hell, not even Scarlett O’Hara acted that way over Rhett Butler, oh, I do declare! Tara was feigning God knows what, fanning herself, lying down on the couch, touching her hand to her forehead like she had the fucken vapours.

And the guys, players, but since they’re working at half the brain capacity, they don’t carry on like twat shits like the females do.

Thank God.

Married at First Sight had finished and then this show started, but shows like this tell me one thing, it’s that I’m right, Gen Ys are the most incredibly insecure, immature generation on the planet.

Keira cried because Jarrod didn’t pick her to give a rose to. She cried on camera how she just wanted someone to love her for her, and blahdy blah blah. For fuck’s sake, get off the show and go and see a shrink to deal with your insecurity. And clearly having all of that plastic surgery did nothing for your self-esteem. Work on your damn brain next!

If I could insert an eye roll emoji I so would.

Married at First Sight was no different. Pathetic Gen Ys whining about not finding love, taking all of their emotional issues and baggage onto the show, playing manipulative emotional games with each other only to break up by the end because their five minutes of fame was over. And the lies…


Gen Ys, please go and see a shrink to deal with your shit, seriously, because this Gen X cannot relate to those of you in that segment of the generation. The pathetic, whiny, immature, insecure segment that whines about not having love and a husband and like, you know…pathetic immature shit…

Insecurity breeds immaturity and I find both incredibly unattractive.

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