DESIGNER INSPIRED: Tarina Tarantino’s Tokyo Hardcore Robot necklace

Years ago I saw Tarina Tarantino’s “Tokyo Hardcore’s” robot necklace and new I had to have one. I also knew I couldn’t afford one.
So, my crafty craft infested mind studied the way Tarina had made it and I even drew a picture of how I thought it was.
Then, I sorted through my beads and managed to make my own version in blue.
Last year over 6 days of Easter and Anzac Day holidays, I made a massive amount of jewellery and decided I needed robots in every colour.
Just about.
Whatever I could find in my bead box I worked with, and so, as I have shown before, here are my Tarina Tarantino “Tokyo Hardcore” robot inspired necklaces.
Apparently I’m also not the only one to do robot necklaces. I’ve seen someone on Facebook make and sell them as well.
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