Times are a changing where copyrighted photos you use in your blogs are concerned

I’ve read a recent blog post about copyrighted photos bloggers tend to use in their blog posts.
We generally upload our own or copy/paste from Google, like most people do, but a recent lawsuit has made people change their minds.
There is Creative Commons for copyright free photos and covers pics from a wide range of websites that are free, or almost free to change or post to your own liking. With some you just have to put a little link or line underneath saying who it belongs to or where you got it from.
What worries me is, that with so many blog posts I have here, as many bloggers would have, that means hundreds of posts will have to be gone through and have the pictures changed. 
Thank God for clip art software, where I have made most of my own artwork for this site.
Have you guys used Google for everything, will you be changing where you get pictures from, and will you be changing them in all of your past blog posts?
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