Dear trash magazines and celebrity websites

I’ve become really annoyed with you more than usual in the recent months. And it’s not just you, it’s gossip sites and tabloids as well.
“Is she pregnant?”
“Said celebrity is expecting…..twins!”
“The moment she told him”
“Said celebrity’s baby bump”
And then of course, that said celebrity is NOT pregnant and NOT expecting and NOT having twins.
Seriously people! You’re going to see soon enough who is and isn’t pregnant because they will start showing, and then you will know they are having a baby. And NO you have no idea whether it’s twins or not, or a boy or girl, although it can only be one or the other.
I’m so sick and tired of you trash mags claiming you know such intimate details when you bloody well don’t.
And then of course there are those of you who take a guess but then get annoyed when the celebrity SAYS NOTHING about whether they are pregnant or not and all of you get shitty and indignant because you are not being told whether or not there is an expecting pregnancy.
Like ANYONE has to tell you if they are pregnant or not. You will find out sooner or later but your desperate need to get the info before anyone else is seriously annoying. You DO NOT have the right to know at any stage, and the celebrity DOES NOT have to tell you or anyone else. They have EVERY RIGHT to keep their business to themselves and not divulge it to anyone, but it just pisses you off doesn’t it. Not knowing the latest gossip and celeb news. It kills you inside to know you are missing out on something and so you go ahead and print it anyway, completely disregarding the facts, and the truth is nothing to worry about until you get sued for lying and printing such rubbish.
No, dear trash mags and websites, you don’t care about the truth when making money is all you’re worried about. To hell with a person’s personal life and hurrah to your big fat bank account!
You make me sick!
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