LEGAL ISSUES: Copyright and your blog pictures. Do you have the right to use them?


There won’t be any posts this week except for this one as I’ll be doing some maintenance on the blog.

It seems there’s been some controversy over copyrighted pictures that bloggers use so I’ll be replacing all of the pics in my blog posts with either my own copyrighted ones, or pics from copyright free websites.
A blogger, Roni Loren, has been sued for using an image she downloaded from google and apparently taking the image down wasn’t enough for the owner of the photo. So I’ll be redoing all of my posts as much as I can and replacing the images if possible.
The problem then leads to Tumblr, Myspace and Pinterest, not to mention Facebook and Twitter. Thankfully, most of my photos are on Pinterest, I don’t tweet pics or put others up on FB and it looks like I may need to overhaul Tumblr and MySpace.
Yikes, all those photos.
So for those reading this post this week, check out the story of Roni and make sure you’re doing the right thing. I will be this week.
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