Welcome to 2024 and What I Got Up to Over the Holidays!


We’ve officially launched into blogging for 2024 and things are going to change around here.


I’m slowing down on blogging, as mentioned in the final 2023 catch-up post, so I have more time to write and get other things done. I’ll be posting once a fortnight and will hopefully continue that through the year.

There will be no more “Business Breaks” or “Writing Holidays”, as I’ll be writing through most of the year. So no more “what I did on my recent business break” posts either.

I won’t be doing the monthly “My Style” outfit posts. I’ve done them for twelve years, it’s time for other things. I’ll still post my weekly outfits to social media in a different layout to show off the full outfit, but not here.

I’m cutting down on my RSL Art Union posts, and only posting the big apartment blocks. I may or may not simply pin the other draws straight to my RSL Pinterest board. It will depend.

I’m not even sure I’ll continue these posts past this year. We’ll see.

In July, Jewel Divas Style will be celebrating fifteen years of blogging, and I’ll post about that, and I will be celebrating 50 years of shitty life on this planet in May, and I’ll also post about that. At this point, I’m not leaving fully, but the makeover of a new fancy theme last year was in preparation for being here less, so it looked more like a website and not a blog.

But, regardless of blogging fortnightly, and I have most dates booked in my planner for something to post, in June, August, and September there are blank spaces. Hopefully there will be things crop up along the way to give me ideas for posts. Book reviews, movie reviews, stationery, Sassoodles, or finishing off small collections of what I’m collecting. I will find things to talk about to round out the year.

My writing will come first, as well as trying to promote myself and get my name out there, in the meanwhile, read about what I got up to over the last two months and I’ll see you next fortnight for my plan for the year. Which is something else that has changed.




1 – Finished up for the year with the chiro.

2 – Had my blood taken and made a doctor’s appointment for Feb.



1 – Did the usual December clean out, and moved into the yearly clothing/jewellery/accessory audits.

2 – Did the paperwork of my clothing/jewellery/accessories audit and finished up.

3 – Sorted out space for my kimonos and capes in the wardrobe by packing my kimonos into two containers and stacking them in the bottom of my wardrobe.


Social Mafia

1 – Wrapped up with the usual Christmas and new year posts.

2 – Laid out the yearly social media posting schedule and blog planner. And then laid it out another ten or more times until it was done to my liking.



1 – Attended the Author Night Market and sold some books.

2 – Set up iTunes on my 2.5-year-old Lenovo, then transported my music catalogue over so I could remove iTunes from the 15-year-old Sony Vaio to try and give it some more time before it dies on me completely.

3 – Watched Masterclass courses.

4 – Updated the timelines and bios on my websites and in my Media Kit.

5 – Cleaned out my old pink laptop for e-cycling at Officeworks.

6 – Updated the TK website, and bought a new theme for it. Spent Sat and Sun before xmas working on it and figuring out how to use it but didn’t transfer it over.



1 – Redid some Nancy containers and packed away the bits and pieces I bought through the year and updated the paperwork with the new items. Also did Trixie Belden, Hardy Boys, Dana Girls, Linda Craig, Kay Tracey, and Connie Blair. Linda, Kay, and Connie are new additions to my book collecting.

2 – I went through my stationery and paper to see what I wanted to keep and how I could use it better in future, especially for planner paper.

3 – Cleaned up the office, laid it out better, and took a video and posted it to socials. Then changed it again and moved some things.

4 – Took new photos of my Jackie Collins books as I’d bought a few last year.

5 – Took photos of my new books as they came in for blog posts.


And now onto January!



1 – Had a doctor’s appointment for mum.


Social Mafia

1 – Bought goodies, took photos as they rolled in, and scheduled blog posts. Like this one!



1 – Kept up with classes and courses on writing.

2 – Did the first two edits of the next novel.

3 – Uploaded my Google Play audio books to Findaway Voices.

4 – Fixed newsletter and Mailerlite.

5 – Tweaked the Tiara King website with some fun facts on the About page.

6 – Bought Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop to learn and create presets for sale.

7 – Wrote many personal essays about my life, and some poems and songs.



1 – Finished my yearly spending diaries.

2 – Dealt with a flooded toilet and so the Housing Trust.

3 – Dealt with heatwaves and headaches.

4 – Dealt with an eBay seller not sending the book I bought. I received a refund at the end of Jan and bought it from Amazon instead.

5 – Did the usual housework.



So, that’s what I got up to the last two months. What about you guys? What did you do for the Xmas New Year period?



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