Jewel Divas Style Plans for 2024!


Every year I usually write the same things on my lists, however, this year I’ve cut my plan down here to just correspond with Jewel Divas Style. The full list can be seen at my website, Tiara King. 

Here we go with my JD Style plans for the year.


Social Mafia

– 1 – Do the usual beginning of the year posts, and then once a fortnight, and here we are.

– 2 – Update JDS with the theme’s updates.

– 3 – Continue to post to socials two to three times a week, depending.



– 1 – Continue with the chiro.

– 2 – Get to the dentist to check receding gumline and teeth since I’m turning 50.

– 3 – Use other measures to help my weight issues.

– 4 – Look at other measures to help my nail issues as they’re even worse than they were before.

– 5 – Be off the internet by 10:30, or earlier. Take Friday nights off over winter to veg out in front of the TV and heater. Keep up the Iron and Vit D through winter to stave off lethargy.

– 6 – Get my will done!



– 1 – Try and find the pieces I need for my collection.

– 2 – Continue with repairs as they come to hand.

– 3 – Steam my capes…if not done already.

– 4 – Get batteries for all of my watches and wear two or three at a time.

– 5 – Restring all of the for sale bracelet stacks. I’ve done most of my personal collection, but the for sale ones are now planned for winter when I won’t be writing.

– 6 – Finish of my Swatch collection.



– 1 – Finish off my smaller book collections. Trixie Belden, Dana Girls, Susan Sand, Connie Blair, Kay Tracey, Linda Craig, Hardy Boys, MSW.

– 2 – Finish off my Caboodle and Sassaby collections.

– 3 – Redo my Nancy paperwork to simplify and make it easier. In fact, redo most of my paperwork to make it easier and simpler.


That’s it for the year, Jewel Divas Style wise. The list is a lot longer over at Tiara King. I just wanted to make things easier here. But if you want to see my business plans, head on over and take a look.


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