#Teeblogger:To Follow or Not To Follow? Turns 5

That’s right! Five years ago today I released my book #Teenblogger: To Follow or Not To Follow? on Amazon. So it’s five years old this month.

I then re-released it under my own imprint on Sep 19, 2018, so it’s also three years old this month!

Got that?

I wrote it in 2015 to release under my kid’s author name, but since there was no horror in the book, I put it aside and my muse later told me to release it under my name.

Why not, I thought! What a good idea!

She was then released upon the world in 2016 for all to see, found a home under my own imprint and was sent to Ellen DeGeneres in 2018, and now resides in the atmosphere for anyone to buy when they feel like it. 

It’s also in my local library.


So let’s celebrate the last five years of #Teenblogger: To Follow or Not To Follow? and hope for many more.


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