PRESS & PUBLICITY: My Hair Accessories appeared in Beads Etc….Magazine May 2009

Welcome to my first post here at Blogger. As you can all see, my name is Jewel Divas, and I’m an Australian created and made jewellery company. 

I make original and one of a kind jewellery and accessories, and my website will be up and running any day now.

As my first post, I shall excitedly show you all the very first magazine my goodies were shown in. May 2009 edition of Beads etc…. mag.

The magazine, I believe, is no longer in print, so I managed to squeeze in before it’s demise. I featured on 3 whole pages. Yay me! Below are the pics, and I will be posting more from my collection shortly.



Page 1 –

Page 2 –

Page 3 –

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