One Direction broke up, Jeremy Clarkson got sacked, The X-Files is back and Pretty Woman is 25.

Four big things happened in the world of entertainment this week.
First – Pretty Woman turned 25. That’s right, the hooker and the playboy turned 25. Some of the cast turned up on America’s The Today Show and all Julia did was constantly talk over everyone else. I see Jason Alexander wasn’t there but then maybe he no longer wants to be linked to it, considering Seinfeld and all.
Second, The X-Files are coming back, only for six episodes unfortunately. I wonder if they’ll bring Scully and Mulder’s kid into it as he clearly showed natural alien abilities when she left him with his new family. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Third, the BBC finally, after a few weeks of turbulent times, decided to sack Jeremy Clarkson after he punched a producer for not getting him a steak. As many have said, he’s rich enough that it doesn’t matter but any other station would want him and will send out the offers. Top Gear itself will survive after all these years.

Fourth, One Direction is falling apart. Not only did Louis break up with his girlfriend, once again becoming a single man, but Zayn has quit the band all together after first leaving the current tour for a few shows due to “stress”, although it could also be that rumours had him and his fiancée breaking up after he supposedly cheated on her and got caught at it, so who knows. He’s been missing over the last year for several TV and tour appearances and has looked quite gaunt and sick, like his health has seriously suffered. So now he has officially quit One Direction. 
Hey Simon, One Direction are your biggest money earners, take bloody care of them instead of milking them for all you can. Look what you had to put up with, with Susan Boyle. She constantly threw tanties and ended up in health facilities because of her condition. Who wants to deal with that all over again? 

Will One D continue in its now altered state? Take That survived the exit of Robbie Williams, albeit for only a year. But when they reunited it was as a four piece and they were hugely successful until Jason wanted to leave again. Backstreet Boys were a foursome when they reunited as Kevin wasn’t interested. 

Many bands suffer the loss of a member through leaving or death, many move on with the band, many break up. Are Directioners going to still love them as a foursome? I don’t see why not. There should be enough fans who still love the remaining four to stick with them regardless of the fact one has now left. If you stop loving a band simply because a member leaves then that says more about you than them. 

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