FASHION STYLE: The Kaftan King is Back!

Following on from my last post I have been nothing short of obsessed with kaftans this year. While I’ve been having issues with clothes I’ve bought on eBay this has been the only way for me to get them, and I get them as inexpensive as possible. Even asking for discounts or doing a best offer. The majority have all been under $100 and I save where I can.

Here are the latest additions to the King’s Closet and all are from eBay.

Top left: Multi, $89.95 | Top Right: Multi, $115.50 


Bottom Left: Green, $45 | Middle: Blue, $115.50 | Bottom Right: Multi $34.45 (I know I said I wasn’t buying black clothes any more but I consider this multi coloured. Sadly, it was far brighter in the listing pics than in real life, so this one has been delegated to be worn around the house.)

Next up are the ankle length kaftans I’ve bought, all gorgeous, all from eBay. I’ve gone a bit animalistic with these.

Left: Red, $67.50 | Middle: Multi, $80 | Right: Multi, $71.75


And here are the last two ankle length, a gorgeous multi coloured crystal covered blue and pink creation for $135 and a drawstring multi coloured kaftan dress for $100.


I love all of these and will slowly wear them as time goes on, even through winter with tights underneath and my faux fur vests over. Just because they’re kaftans, doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing them over winter.

Will you guys be wearing yours over winter?

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