New Zealand’s speeding ad ‘Mistakes’ is full of potholes

Here is the latest ad from New Zealand about speeding and its consequences. It’s only recently been shown here in Australia. We’ll discuss after the video.

There are several things wrong with this ad, or maybe that’s the point, and while I don’t know the road rules in NZ, I know them in Aus.
Car A Guy has stopped at a stop sign as he’s supposed to. He sees Car B Guy coming on his right, as we can all see. 
Car A Guy decides he’s faster than Car B Guy and makes the CHOICE to pull out. He’s just not fast enough and everything stops.
Now we don’t know or see a sign for the speed limit on the road Car B Guy is travelling on. We see his speedometer is just over 100 ks an hour and on many roads here in Aus you can do that (not sure about NZ). So at no stage during the ad do we know if he IS speeding or not.
Car A Guy gets out and starts at Car B Guy about going too fast, and he, Car A Guy, says he thought there was time. Car B Guy says, “you just pulled out, I don’t have time to stop”.
Car A Guy then lays blame on Car B Guy by saying, “come on mate,” and defends his own actions with, “it was a simple mistake”.
First off, seeing a car and CHOOSING to cross in front of it IS NOT A MISTAKE, IT IS A CHOICE!
Car B Guy says something about going slower, however, since we don’t know the speed limit we don’t know if he was speeding or not.
Car A Guy then pleads about having his boy in the back. 
Hey dickhead, should have thought about that before.
So maybe the point of this ad is to show that people disobey the law all the time. Maybe it’s showing how dumb New Zealanders, or even men, are.
Or, it’s showing how dumb people make dumb CHOICES, NOT MISTAKES, and want to blame others for them.
I’m not sure of the intentions, except to get people to think before making dumb choices on the road, but all I can think about is the dickhead breaking the law is making shit excuses and blaming the other person. Whether it was meant to be this way or not is beyond me.
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