HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Indeed Laboratories Pepta-Bright

For those who haven’t read my blog until now, over Christmas and New Year’s 2013/14 I developed a Golden Staph infection and ended up with a big red mark on my left cheek.

Since then I’ve used a couple of things to try and get rid of it. Dr Lewinn’s peel and now Pepta-bright, an even skin tone enhancer.


Both of these things did not work on their own, but over the year the mark has slowly faded. Not enough for me though.

Pepta-bright is used for dark and brown spots but I figured it would also help red ones. Nothing I use seems to completely get rid of the mark on my face and I’m left wondering if there is even a product out there. I still have redness, while more evident to me and completely coverable with make-up, but I’d like it to be gone. Completely.

So while Pepta-Bright  may work on people with dark spots, it doesn’t work on people with red ones.

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