My Personal Collection: White clothes

As I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t have many white clothes. They get too dirty too quickly and are a bugger to keep nice and white. So here a three pieces (of the seven I own) that I thought you might like to see.

I recently bought this blouse jacket from a chain store called Millers. I’ve bought quite a few pieces from them over the years as they are inexpensive and their summer clothes are easy wash and wear. This blouse jacket reminds me of the old time 50s, 60s clothes that actresses wore in movies and breezed out behind them as they walked.

My Nancy Drew Survivor tshirt that I bought through Cafe Press. I’m a member of the Nancy Drew Sleuths and got this to help them out.

I love this tshirt and got it from a cheap store for $4. It says – “If the Macaw saw what the Leopard spotted, then the Toucan can and you can too.” Then down th bottom it says – Stop Rainforest Destruction.

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