My Personal Collection: White jewellery

Here is part 1 of my white jewellery. I don’t have a lot of white clothes so I don’t have a lot of white jewellery.

Pearl ring. it’s huge and I got it from a chain store for $5
A white marble bracelet I bought on ebay.
A cute little tea party bracelet from a chain store.
I made this back in January on a making spree. I had the beads lying around and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them and then BINGO!
My pearl elephant set. I bought the necklace and brooch from cheap stores about 20 years ago. I made the bag bling and earrings and remade the bracelet from two different bracelets.

My stone set. I bought it all from a Goodwill and made it into the necklace, bracelet and earrins you see. I bought the ring from a chain store for a couple of dollars.

My gold cross set. Made both necklaces, the charm and ball bracelet. I bought the gold cross bracelet and ring from ebay, the pearl bracelet from a cheap store and I bought the earrings already with the crosses and added the white beads from another pair of earrings.

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