My Personal Collection: Jewellery Shelves!

So I started off with plastic jewellery from 1 and 2c machines when I was little. Then came cheap shop jewellery, then came me making and finding more unusual stuff which I then pinned and hung on a cork board so I could see what I had. Then came putting sets into ziplock bags which required a drawer, then two, then three and now they reside in a 5 drawer storage container in part of my wardrobe. And this isn’t all of it.

Top drawer. Pink, Purple and Red.

Second drawer, blue and green.

Third drawer, black and white.

Fourth drawer all gold, plain and multi coloured. Plus a Nancy Drew cosmetic bag of Nancy Drew jewellery most of which I made. It now resides in my bookcase full of Nancy Drew because there was no more room in the container.

Fifth drawer, silver plain and multi coloured.

There is also a container of brooches which I don’t wear so I won’t load pics just yet.

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