OH MY GOD Nancy Drew is 94!

That’s right, Nancy Drew is 94!

The old gal is still kicking her heels up, although, rather sadly, it’s only once a year for the main series still going. Back to the days of 1930 when she came out once a year for a new book. Simon & Schuster has gone back to the original publishing schedule it seems, although The Clue Books also come out once or twice a year. All rather sad from the tales of yesteryear when she came out six times a year and in multiple sets. The heyday is long gone.

I have a Nancy Drew Pinterest board here on my Pinterest page.


Here are the current ones in each set.


I’ve managed to track down reasonable copies of the first six Applewood variants of the original books. I just need five more to complete the set.


And onto the dvd box set of the latest variant of TV show which was axed after four seasons.


And then I found this cute book pouch on Amazon.


And I managed to aquire an old ’70s relic ND and HB’s Cartoonarama. It’s missing one of the picture plates, but I’m not going to quibble over that.


My Hardy Boys Pinterest board is here on my Pinterest page.


And an updated Clock in red came home to replace the shitty one I had, and I managed to find the TV version of Files 110 Bad Chemistry. I only have two more TV Files to collect.


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