My Personal Collection: Orange jewellery and clothes

So today I’m showing you my Orange jewellery. I’m not a fan of orange and so have very little jewellery and no clothes in this colour.

I bought this cameo bracelet on ebay and it was advertised as pink, clearly it’s not.

My halloween set which obviously only gets worn once a year. I made the earrings and bracelets and bought the necklace and pumpkin brooch at what we here in Aus call, cheap stores. Similar to 99c stores etc.

This is my fish set. I bought the earrings from an op shop, shaved off the paint and repainted them with nail polish and fabric glitter paint. I made the orange bracelet, bought the other on ebay and the necklace was a bracelet which I strung onto a chain.

The only reason I made the fish set was to go with this tshirt which I bought from an op shop.


Then I have this apricot heart set. I had the beads and charms lying around and didn’t know what to do with them so I made everything…

All to go with this shirt. The shirt’s from my sister and I had a waistcoat which I unpicked from the apricot back and mum sowed the fronts into the seams of the shirt to make it one piece. I don’t wear it. Or the jewellery.

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