My Personal Collection: My jewellery making kits.

I used to have my things in beauty cases and just recently found these sewing containers at my local Spotlight (craft) store. I was able to get them all for half price so I was happy. 

Two blue ones for my personal belongings and a pink one for work gear.

The pink one has glues, elastic, string, bits and pieces for making jewellery.

My blue one with chain, findings and extra bits and pieces of mine.

And one full of nothing but beads. Except for those rollerskates.

And I have so much more that I’ve filled lunch boxes.

This is where I store the jewellery I make for sale. Unfortunately when I moved from the dining into the spare room I found there was nowhere to store the jewellery which are all in separate lunch boxes. Which are great for storage.These sit under my work table.

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