My Swatch Watch Collection

Many a year ago, ten years surprisingly, I did a post about my watches. You can see it here.

This year, I decided to get into collecting Swatch Watches because I still wore some I bought years ago, but, since they stopped being sold here, I never got the ones I really wanted.

All new watches (except for the xmas one) came from eBay and averaged between $90 and $130AU.

So, without further ado, here is my Swatch collection. Those I had, those I’ve replaced, and those that are brand new.

My first Swatch came along in 1990 after seeing Debbie Gibson wearing two on her arm at any one time, something I may do in future to get use out of them. I had to have one and they were new to Aus. My first $60 watch stopped working and was replaced by the store with Alice in Wonderland. Next came Hot Stuff for $120 in its box, and, after the jewellery store Zamels decided to have an almighty clear out about five years later, the rest came along for $10 a piece. Mum had a few as well, but I bought a couple from her. We also sold the ones we didn’t want.


Due to excess wear, I’ve had to replace Tormented Souls, and Damigella. The battery covers need to be twisted on and off, and the plastic holding it in has broken. They still work, just needed sticky tape on to keep the cover in place. So updated they were. I chose to buy another band for Hot Stuff as it was rotting, but the watch was still fine. Old are on the left, new on the right.


My new romantic era.


My “everything else” era.


My jewellery era. I’ve wanted these two forever. FOR.EVER!


I bought this 2022 Christmas Swatch brand new from the Swatch website for $160. It comes in a chrissy ball package with two chrissy decorations for your tree.


There are a few more on my list to buy, but the prices for those are bordering on sky high with conversion. They should come along next year unless I can find a few more inexpensively by the end of the year. I’ve come across many I’ve never seen, like Flake. You can’t see the hands on its face, but it’s nice and has a glittery effect in the band.

So many gorgeous Swatches are out there, and if you love different, unusual jewellery, which Swatches are, then scour eBay and Esty for the more unusual ones that weren’t widely sold. You can even buy Swatch Watch necklaces and beaded bracelet watches. So stay tuned.



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    1. Jewel Divas Style December 4, 2023 at 3:30 pm

      I have some freakin’ awesome ones! You CANNOT go past the Haute Société and Wine Drops for jewellery lovers.


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