I’ve been ferociously adding to my wardrobe and we’re only two months into the year.

In fact, I never stopped from xmas with the culprit being Millers.

After last year’s wardrobe audit I vowed to only buy clothes I fell in love with, would look good on me and make me feel good. And also not buy any black. I’ve stuck to that. Although I did buy 68 pieces of clothing in 2015 but that was down from 96 in 2014. You can read about that clean out here. Last year it was all about kaftans at 30 pieces, 15 tops, 9 kimonos, 7 pants, 5 cardis/coats and 2 bikini tops. 

Besides ebay for my kaftans and kimonos, Millers has a lot of splainin’ to do for making me addicted to their lightweight tops and summer pants which I can’t stop buying. All on sale of course!

I scored these tops and had to get them in three colours. All studded of course!


The blue top is a strange shade, when paired with blue it looks blue, when paired with an indigo violet it looks purple, so it matches these pink and purple pants well. The pants are also new.


I bought these next pants last year and the top this year when it came out. Always nice to have a matching set.


I’d had my eye on the blue studded tank since last year, but they sold out and I had to wait until this year to get them as I also got one in pink, below. They were also on sale! The kaftan top and hibiscus pants were on sale and are in my favourite colours.


Here’s the pink top, with two pairs of pink pants. All are new, all were on sale.


Gotta love a bargain and thanks to Millers my wardrobe has been replenished non-stop since last year.

What bargains have you guys gotten recently, and do you find yourself sticking to the same colours like I do?


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