HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: How I culled my body beauty routine down to Olay

This week I’m talking about my body products.

I have used many shower gels and soaps over the years and found I was always going for citrus smelling types with beads and baubles in them for a nice scrub.

Citrus always smells so fresh and clean and like the outdoors so I easily fell for any brand that sold one.

After culling my face products to Olay, I wondered if they did body products as well, and in America, they do.

We don’t get them here in Aus, which is a massive pity, because that meant I had to import them from eBay and that caused me a massive load of hassle.

After scrolling through the US Olay site I decided on the Anti-Ageing soap, with the Total Effects body scrub, and Total Effects body moisturiser.

Buying the moisturiser on eBay was fine enough, but the woman I bought the body wash and soaps from caused me all manner of grief.

(My christmas haul)
I bought 5 packets of soap (two per pack so that’s 10) and four bottles of body wash. I paid for three payments as the wash was sold in bottles of two, so I bought four. Without telling me, she sent off two parcels and one arrived within two weeks or so.
She also sent the wrong soap (as seen in pic 1), and it was only four packs and one bottle. The moisturisers came from someone else, and I got myself a new pair of wash mitts to scrub away all the grit and grime and my Keratosis Pilaris. A skin condition that causes little lumps of dry skin and red spots on your arms.
So I sent off an email saying she must have sent me the wrong parcel because I did not buy the ultra moisture soap and there was only one bottle of wash.
She told me that the soap was what she had down for me and so that’s what she sent.
Oh hell no! I thought, and checked not only my eBay sale, but my PayPal transaction receipt as well. Both clearly say Anti-Ageing soap. So I let her know that and asked if there were two parcels instead of one.
She told me yes there was, and I believe she realised HER mistake in sending the wrong soaps as she was all “let’s see if we can work this out”.
So after much too-ing and fro-ing, she decided to send the CORRECT soap after telling me the cost to send the originals back wouldn’t be worth it and so they were on their way. And if the second parcel didn’t come then to let her know.
Just before New Year’s I was still waiting on the original second parcel of wash and soap and so emailed her about it.
She claimed she checked with her post office and they said for me to contact my Customs to find out what was going on.
I rang Aus Post again and she checked the number and told me it was not registered with them and so there was no need to ring Customs. I emailed the seller back and told her to speak to USPS as the details on their website state it hadn’t even been dispatched.
Apparently that made her angry and she told me that this is why she didn’t like shipping overseas and that it had already cost her too much money.
That annoyed the hell out of me as it wasn’t HER money she was wasting. It was MY money. I paid just over $50US for shipping and she couldn’t even send it all in one parcel, which I made comment on. She also sent the wrong soap in the first place and had she not have done that, and shipped everything together, there would NOT have been a problem.
I finally got the CORRECT lot of soap, and my second parcel of wash finally arrived. So thank God for all of that, but I am never buying from this woman again.
So there you have it. I’m currently trying Olay’s Age Defying soap and Total Effects body wash and moisturiser and I’ll see how that goes. So far the moisturiser and wash are great and smell really nice. I’m yet to crack a soap as I had some citrus ones I bought last year to finish off.
So tell me, have you had an issue with eBay sellers, or more importantly, do you use Olay body products?
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