Introducing The Mother Of All Caboodles, And A Suitcase!

I’ve only bought two Caboodles so far this year. With conversion being up, and shipping prices being ridiculous, I’ve forked out for these babies.



The first is the suitcase. Silver glitter, all pieces intact, blue marble flip lock and spaces for all, it’s model #2767 and cost $97.13AU. It’s as large as my writing folios which are larger than A4.


And then I saw this…

The only thing I can really say is HOLY MOTHER OF FREAKING GOD ON A FUCKING UNICYCLE!!!



Not only have I never seen one like this, and I mean NEVER, not in the catalogues that came with them, not on Pinterest, not on the internet in general, not in all of my paperwork, I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE LIKE THIS!!!! but I knew I had to have it regardless of the price which weighed in at a whopping $207.03 AU. Yep, $200 on a freakin’ Caboodle, and I baulk at spending that much on clothing and jewellery.



Yes, you read that right. IT HAS A FREAKIN’ DRAWER!


It’s so massive, it dwarfs my pink nail caddy and TWO of my largest Caboodles on top of each other. The only issue, as wee as it is, is it’s buckled a little at the lock but that’s neither here nor there.


And get this, it’s size is 42cm/16inches long, 29cm/11.5inches high, and 26cm/10inches deep (front to back). Model number is 2607, but again, I don’t have this in any of my paperwork. God knows how many variants they’ve put out over the early years, but I have not seen this once. EVER in the 30+ years they’ve been out.


Have you guys seen a Caboodle out in the wild you’ve never seen before? 


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    1. Jewel Divas Style August 23, 2022 at 12:13 pm

      Thanks, Tote. She is one of a kind.


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