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Well, since my last post in March where I caught up on fashion and accessories, there has been a few pieces make their way into my wardrobe.

Let’s start off with this Czarina Cape called More Than Ever. With hearts, vines and flowers, I got it on sale for $189.10.


I managed to go op shopping after appointments a few times and found these bargains. A $5 men’s t-shirt and a $5 panther top.


The kaftan on the left also came from an op shop for $4. The kaftan top on the right came from Millers for $12


All of these items also came from an op shop. The first top is a Noni B brand which is higher end clothing with matching prices, but I got it for $6. The green top has a silver print accent and was $5. The pants are Millers and $4.50.


Another op shop bargain, the pink top of the left was $4 but is also a Millers top. The Miller’s flamingo top on the right was $20.


Two more tops straight from Millers, both were $20 each.


And another two tops straight from Millers, both were $15 each.


All of these tops came from op shops. They’re actually exercise tops which I’ve been buying as they look good for wearing around the house, or running out to pick up the paper in. Averaging around $5 each, the pinky peach tones of the top two play off the bluey tones of the bottom two. The top left also has bottom ties and a keyhole in the back, while the top right has the silver/gold foil print of “inspired” down the side along with a bottom tie..


Onto the jewellery I’ve bought in the last few months. Top left is an eBay bargain ring for $46.95, the top right cuff was $30. Below them are two red bead necklace from the op shop for $3 and $4.


The below pieces came from a website called Depop. The top left earrings were $65, the top right white howlite ring was $30, and the necklace matches the bangle above. It was $60 and there are a few other pieces to go with the set which I might collect if I can find them.


I have been buying other jewellery but most of it hasn’t come in yet, so those pieces will get their own blog posts next year.

The only two handbags I’ve bought this year (I’m not counting the carryall for $10 from Kmart that I use to lug my stuff to the writer’s group every fortnight) The top is a two shade green Colette bag that I got online for $47.95. And the bottom is another op shop find, a Paris Hilton bag for $10. Brand new and very clean, unless someone received it for a present but hates Paris Hilton, I’m surprised it was given away.


Onto perfumes.

FCUK Rebel for $20. Delta by Delta Goodrem for $49.95


Britney’s Believe was $19.95, and then I managed to score three testers being sold off for Liptember. A silver dress shaped bottle by Paris Hilton for $15, Escada for $10 and another Britney for $15.


Well, that’s the catch up on fashion, jewellery, accessories and perfume since the bargains at the beginning of the year.

What have you guys splurged on this year?


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    1. Jewel Divas Style December 8, 2021 at 11:58 am

      Yes, could be the reason, and while I’m not a fan, I wasn’t about to pass up that perfume bottle, not only because the perfume smells nice, and that bag is pretty speccy too.


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