HEALTH & BEAUTY STYLE: Welcome to the family I heart Juicy Couture and Tous!

Every six months or so I need new perfume.

I’m fussy when it comes to how something smells, for me, perfume has to be fruity, and lightly spiced. I hate florals and thick smothering scents that makes you feel like choking. So, every time I’m after a new perfume, I stand in the local chemist and ask to niff new scents until I find something I like.

Two of those are Tous, which, as you can see, is not only in my two favourite colours of pink and blue, but has a pretty tropical print and a teddy bear lid. It’s so cute I couldn’t resist it and it smells good to. For $35 AUD on sale, it was a bargain for 100 ml.




And then there’s I heart Juicy Couture. I’ve already had one Juicy and loved it, and when I saw this bottle I had to smell it. It’s very similar to the last one, as many seem to be, has a gorgeous animal print bottle with a diamonte lever top. I highly recommend Juicy perfumes to anyone wanting a light fruity spicy scent. It stays on my skin for hours and I only need to top up once half way during the day. I spray my neck and chest, and from my shoulders to half way down my forearms. I never spray my wrists as perfume can tarnish watches and bracelets.


What perfumes have you guys tried lately?


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