FASHION STYLE: How I’m fast becoming The Kaftan King

The name says it all really, a play and my own surname of King, and since I’m fast becoming a buyer of kaftans, tops and dresses, I figured I may as well use the moniker.

As I started buying from Millers I didn’t really connect with the fact they were kaftan tops. To me, they were just blouses. But for some reason over the xmas/new year break when I was clearing out my wardrobe and I realised I wanted more pretty clothes, I somehow became addicted to kaftans and bought two 3/4 length dresses on ebay, just scraping in to the last shop of 2014.

This will have to be the first post about the kaftans I own as there are more coming every day and there will be even more next month so you will need to stay tuned. This post was going to be about kaftans and kimonos but they will get their own post.

The gorgeous tops you see next were all bought from Millers for relatively low prices. Ranging from $12 to $35 and bought over the period of 2013-2014. The blue bottom left is still available here.


Here’s some of the ways I’ve styled them.


The next five are ones I’ve bought on ebay since Dec 30 2014. They are longer, landing at above/below knee to mid calf. Not full dresses so you can still wear tights, leggings or summer pants underneath if you don’t want to go free. I’ve only worn one at the moment as 40 degrees Celsius is way too hot to be going anywhere, let alone out. Prices range between $17.95 for the red one to $110 for the bottom right.


A word of advice about buying on ebay, as with everything you buy second hand, beware. The red one has issue which I had to resolve through Paypal, but more on that in another post. All the others are labelled as brand new with tags attached and have come that way.

I’ve gone for colours I love, multi coloured mainly. I have summer pants in most colours and can wear most with each kaftan. I do wear a strappy tank underneath though as many are see-through and you really need something to cover up. I don’t do chemises so tanks it is.

I certainly won’t stop wearing these in winter though. I can wear the bottom right with my forest green or navy blue leggings and boots, and add my black faux fur vest over it. And since I already layer underneath, there will be no problem.

My plan is to buy a couple of Camilla kaftans and capes for my birthday in May so I’ll take some inspiration from her and the way she wears them and work them into my own style. I also have a list ready to buy next month (it’s all about the credit card bill), and I’ll be including ankle length and drawstring kaftans into the wardrobe so stay tuned for that post.

Have you guys ever worn kaftans, long or short, or will you be incorporating them into your wardrobe for next summer?

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