FASHION STYLE: Brand new post! and it’s about clothes!

I’ve decided to try and blog every Monday, but don’t hold me to it, lol.

Since I make jewellery and have only talked about myself, the ground is getting very thin. So I have decided to talk about fashion.


I think as a jewellery lover and designer it’s a fairly obvious connection.

But the one thing I HATE, is that the designer thinks they can charge a FORTUNE for a piece of material, or because of their name.

I don’t care what your name is, make clothes affordable.

Needless to say, I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!

Model Miranda Kerr recently wore it for a fashion show, it’s by Sass & Bide. Usually their clothes are quite ridiculous, expecting skinny little chicks to fit into them, rips and tears, and stuff that EVERYONE else makes and designs, their stuff is not that good.

Can’t find a price for it but I know it isn’t cheap!

(photo via google)

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