FASHION STYLE: Black and White is NOT Monochromatic!

So often over the last year or so I have seen magazine and website style files going on about monochromatic dressing.

The problem is, they have it wrong and I am really sick and tired of them not knowing what they’re talking about.

The problem is, clearly, they do not have real stylists who know about colour and putting together outfits otherwise they would know that black and white does NOT equal monochromatic.



Definition of Achromatic – containing no colour, as in black, white and grey. They are also neutrals, not colours.

Definition of Monochromatic – mono = one, chromatic = colour

I not only did a style course last year but have recently asked one of it’s owners to clarify this way of dressing because of these websites and magazines confusing the issue over black and white outfits being monochromatic, and you can read about it at Imogen’s Style Blog.

What monochromatic dressing is, is dressing in shades of the ONE colour. You can also dress in the same colour from head to toe as that is also monochromatic dressing.


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