FASHION STYLE: Kimonos and How I Style Them

When I started thinking about posting my kaftans and kimonos, (and since I dramatically bought about 15 kaftans in the first two months of 2015 alone) I figured my kimonos needed their own post.

Some call them capes or blouse jackets, to me they are kimonos, either way, they’re all the same structured item. At the moment I have seven. A dismal amount compared to my kaftan fetish I know, but once my fetish is done it will be on to kimonos. Of course, sticking to the colour rule I set myself for the year I will be on the hunt for multi coloured ones and I have a few Camilla kimonos/capes in mind for my birthday.

Below are just some of the ways I’ve styled four of my kimonos.


All of my kimonos below came from Millers. Yes, I constantly mention them and it seems that the majority of my clothes over the last couple of years have all come from Kmart or Millers. I buy on sale as much as possible and always score a bargain.

Top left: Pink: $13.95 | Top right: White: $20 | Bottom left: Multi: $35 | Bottom right: Animal: $10


These next three came from other stores, which I have no problem buying from as long as I get a bargain.

Left: Black: Alley Fashion, $24.95 | Middle: Green: Kmart, $8 | Right: Blue: eBay, $5.37


As I’ve talked about previously, eBay is a great place to buy things you can’t always get in your local stores but it does come with issues. The blue and pink star came from Asia and the arms are a bit small. So either I slice them open or lose some weight, and because of this problem, and since it rather pales in comparison next to the others, it may be ending up in the material box at the end of the year. Especially once I get some Camilla capes.

Once my kaftan buying is over I cannot wait to track down some more kimonos. Of course they have to be special and ones I can wear with most things in my wardrobe. Be bright and colourful and definitely unusual. Whether long or short there will be more added to the collection.

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  1. The Tote Trove March 22, 2015 at 9:48 am

    A kimono-tastic collection if ever I saw one! The fringey one is my favorite. I’ve been seeing so many fun ones in stores lately; I’m thinking about getting a psychedelic-print one I saw in J. C. Penney’s.
    The Tote Trove recently posted…One Last Walk in the ParkMy Profile

    1. Jewel Divas Style March 24, 2015 at 10:33 am

      Get it Tote!

      I love the fringe one as well but haven’t worn it yet. Although I haven’t worn the animal print either,lol.


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